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'Political high noon, economic midnight,' says Rev. Jackson

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We promise not to spam you. Lichtenstein focuses on topics that are as close to the heart of Wal-Mart as they are to the new Obama administration and many American citizens: the environment, health care reform, labor relations and what's happening in China. He concludes that Wal-Mart, for so long the undisputed alpha male of the U. On the environment, for example, Wal-Mart recently sprang a surprise by announcing its intention to give an "eco-rating" to each of the hundreds of thousands of products carried in its stores.

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Under the plan, which paints Wal-Mart an uncharacteristic shade of green, every product will carry a sustainability pedigree detailing its environmental history and impact. According to Lichtenstein, Wal-Mart has long drawn environmental scorn, with critics characterizing its stores as big, ugly boxes often plunked down on "greenfield" developments where they proceed to suck the retailing lifeblood out of neighboring communities.

He says the company has adopted various measures to placate its critics — shrinking the gas consumption of its vehicle fleet and energy use in stores, reducing packaging and stocking "green" items like fluorescent bulbs and organic cotton clothing. However, Lichtenstein, who admits he's no Wal-Mart fan, notes such moves also saved or made money for the company. Still, he applauds the latest proposal for a sustainable product index: "I'm willing to give them some credit on this one.

At the same time, though, he doesn't imagine the program will end up costing Wal-Mart much money.

Rather he sees suppliers and manufacturers, constantly squeezed by the company's huge economic muscle, being forced to shoulder the extra expense. Lichtenstein regards Wal-Mart's environmental policy as part of a wider strategy: appeasing one group of critics in order to weaken a broad coalition of opponents. Something similar seems to be happening with the company's apparent U-turn on health care. Lichtenstein adds his voice to a scathing chorus condemning Wal-Mart's record on health care coverage, which he describes as both woefully inadequate and shamefully manipulated to ensure the least benefits to the greatest number of workers.

He says Wal-Mart has kept medical insurance costs low by limiting eligibility to its health plan, loading members with additional expenses such as high deductibles and co-pays, and providing only threadbare coverage for those most in need — for example, mothers with young children. But after years of dogged resistance to reform, Wal-Mart recently had a change of heart. In another surprise announcement, the company aligned itself with the idea of employer-mandated health coverage, part of Obama's vision in extending coverage to an estimated 46 million currently uninsured in America.

The status quo is not an option. EUR Add to basket. Cover Text This book was born from curiosity.

Who has to recognize that politicians, scholars and large segments of society oblivious to supranational authorities and e- nomic globalization forces continue to labour under the notion that they are still fully autonomous and sovereign when shaping national economic policy. Summary Global, macroeconomic view on the most important branch in developed countries With quantitative forecasts about market-, production- and capacity developments in different countries Rating of the 11 OEM with hindsight to their ability to survive IWK Survival Index.

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